NetArk's mission is to build the best web sites on the Internet for small, medium and large businesses.   While NetArk designs the web site specific to the company or organization's requirements, it strives to build the web site unique to stand out on the growing Internet.  Unlike the majority of web site creators, NetArk does not support the 'cookie cutter' development approach.

As a result, NetArk charges a flat $50 per hour fee for web site development with no hidden costs.  The hourly fee is applicable to all types of services including web page design, images, registration and consulting.


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 S E R V I C E S

NetArk will design and create a visually appealing web site which displays your company information using text, images, animation, and sound on the Internet. NetArk will also research and setup your web site with the best  web space provider that satisfies your company or organization's  requirements. Furthermore, NetArk will register your Internet address,, with the Network Solutions organization.  NetArk will also  advertise the site by registering the company information and Internet address with search engines and related sites.

Furthermore NetArk, if requested, will recommend and setup an account with an Internet Service Provider, ISP, that satisfies your requirements including being reliable, fast, and cost effective. Finally, NetArk will provide Internet consulting to help setup your Internet software, and answer all your web questions.


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NetArk provides outstanding quality in creating and displaying web sites that best represents your company or organization on the Internet. NetArk does not believe in the ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach, but prefers to develop the web site specific to your requirements. As a result, NetArk's development fees are based on a $50 per hour rate with no hidden costs. The hourly rate includes the cost of creating all types of features including images, logos, animation, and sound.  The fee also includes the research and registration  with web space providers, ISPs, search engines and related sites.