To have NetArk create a web site for your company or organization,  simply submit relevant business information using the 'Initial Web Site Development Process' form to the NetArk staff. The NetArk staff will review your information, and contact you immediately.  At that point, NetArk will follow the steps outlined in the Business Design Process section.

To expedite the web development process, please check with the Network Solutions to see if your Internet address name (  is currently available.


Have NetArk create a Web Site for you!




B U S I N E S S   D E S I G N   P R O C E S S

NetArk 1. The NetArk staff meets with the client, in person or by phone, to discuss the company or organization's web site objectives. Client
NetArk 2. NetArk submits an Internet business proposal to the client.
3. The Client reviews the business proposal. Client
4. Provided the outline of the work is satisfactory, the client signs off on the itemized listing of work, (refer to the example of a 'Worksheet for Services' form), including checking off the items for development, and sends the following material to NetArk. Client
I. The signed 'Worksheet for Services' form.
II. Payment to NetArk for 1/3 of the total service fees.
III. The completed questionnaire.
IV. The original photos, logos, and text.
NetArk 5. Upon receipt of the materials, NetArk will begin the web development.
NetArk 6. After development is completed, NetArk will send a final invoice outlining the completed work to the client for approval and sign-off.
7. The client signs the final invoice, and sends the following material to NetArk. Client
I. The remaining balance, 2/3 of the total service fees.
II. The signed invoice.
NetArk 8. After receipt of the final invoice, NetArk will send the client a final web site design package with the following items.
I. A detailed report of the design work completed, and a printout of each web page.
II. A detailed report of all sites the client is now registered with including a description of the search results.
III. All the HTML, graphic, and sound files on diskette(s).
IV. All the original client materials including photos and logos.



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