NetArk, a web site creation and Internet consulting company from Clovis, California, helps businesses setup web sites on the growing Internet.  NetArk members have been working with the Internet for over four years, and are keeping pace with the new and rapidly changing technology.

Working closely with businesses, NetArk researches, recommends, and displays the company's information in an organized and visually appealing presentation on the Internet.  To have the web site stand out, NetArk incorporates the latest Internet technology including animation, images, and sound.

After development is completed, NetArk will research, recommend, and post the company's information with the best web space provider.   With the site now online, NetArk will also advertise the site by researching and registering it with numerous search engines and related sites.

Finally, NetArk, who takes great pride with sharing information and  education, will also provide customers technical support and training for the Internet.  NetArk's mission is to have the customer fully satisfied with its web site and the Internet as means for expanding its business.

To begin working with NetArk for having a web site built for your company or organization, please follow the procedure outlined in the 'Design Process' section, and contact the NetArk staff by completing the ' Initial Web Site Development Process’ form.


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